VanDyne SuperTurbo Increases Power and Efficiency

VanDyne SuperTurboJune 3, 2010, – Supercharging and turbocharging are now widely used to obtain big engine-style performance from fuel-sipping smaller displacement engines. While superchargers provide lots of low speed torque for great acceleration and instant throttle response, they are fuel-thirsty and heavy. In contrast, turbochargers are lighter and more fuel efficient, but can suffer from turbo lag and provide little low speed torque.

Developed by VanDyne SuperTurbo in Fort Collins, Colorado, the SuperTurbocharger combines the best features of both the supercharger and turbocharger. The SuperTurbo also adds ‘turbo-compounding’ to extract waste energy from an engine’s exhaust gases, turning it into mechanical power that’s delivered to the crankshaft to augment output of the piston engine. This increases engine power without a corresponding increase in fuel consumption, with power increased over the entire engine rpm band with virtually no turbo lag.

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